Friday, August 9, 2013

Thoughts and such on things...

It’s been a very long time since my last post…as it usually seems to be. I’ve been very busy this summer between work and school and life. This has certainly been a memorable summer to say the least. So much has happen…SO many blessings. Things in general have really started to come around in ways that I honestly never saw coming.
 After just looking at my last post I see it’s been much longer than I expected since my last post. So much more has happen in the fight for equality. I’ve been fortunate enough to not only witness this history but to also participate in the fight. The past spring semester there were a few first for me pertaining to LGBT activism. I was able to go on a trip with MU allies to the capital to protest for marriage equality, I was asked to come speak to a freshmen seminar class about LGBT issues (my friend and I that spoke to this class were invited back to speak again this fall!!), I participating in “8”, and last but certainly not least I silent witnessed, for the first time since I was trained, at Millersville when a few street preachers came to campus. Through these activities, particularly the rally in D.C. and the silent witnessing, I really saw what can only be described as a division of hate/ignorance, and love/anger.
In D.C. I saw and felt so much love and support for the LGBT community. One moment in particular was when a lady speaking about religion…I can’t remember her exact words but it was something to the effect that we (the LGBT community there) will hear a lot of hateful things toward or directed at us and about us. She continued by say that we must remember that we are all here for a reason, we are loved and wanted by God. That was so powerful. The type of thing that gives you chills. Anyway back on topic when I was standing on the side walk with the rest of the supporters of equal rights I could feel so much love and angry for the injustice that has been occurring for far too long. Whereas when the anti-marriage equality groups walked by there was so much hate in their eyes and voices, okay maybe I’m so very bias but I swear I that’s what I felt and saw there. It was so sad to see little kids marching with their parents yelling such hateful things. I don’t even think I was aware of such issues in the world when I was that young, let alone able to make such opinions about other people. It was crazy.
Anyway that day along with years of efforts got us victories passed down by the Supreme Court. I remember I was at work the day that they made the announcement and I got the alerts from the NYT and CNN. I kept checking my phone that morning and then I saw the great news. It was all I could do not to cry I was so happy. I remember writing a blog post earlier dealing largely with the idea of the American Dream, and how it’s not fully accessible to LGBT Americans because of discriminatory laws. As I said before how can this really be the country that stands for freedom and justice for all when we still suppress our citizens based on who they love. Well I’m happy to say this summer we have started doing right by people. It’s about damn time.
If I was asked last summer if I thought we would have this much progress within a year I would have said no. I never really imagined things would progress this fast. I’m so happy and proud that it has. The support that has been shown over the past several months for marriage equally and LGBT rights in general has just been amazing. People were finally speaking up and coming out as allies for their LGBT friends, families, co-workers etc. it was awesome. Never have I felt more accepted and ok/comfortable with being myself. The whole coming out process still seems kinda hard for me but it to have that support system. Well nothing beats that. Lucky for me as the times change I get more and more supporters.
Speaking of changing times another moment this summer shortly after the victories for marriage equality I was driving to work and I heard “Same Love” playing on the radio. I was so surprised (I thought that I had my phone plugged into the car until the radio commercial came on after). I first heard that song and saw the video sometime in mid fall…I loved it, it’s so powerful. I thought to myself how important the message is and how it would be great if the radio stations would pick it up. They did and I heard it and so did many other people. That message of love and acceptance reaches a whole new audience.
Anyway we’ve made some amazing progress throughout this past year and we are a much better, more honest nation for that. There is still work to be done both here and certainly abroad. It’s nice to be able to take a minute to count our blessings, reflect on where we came from and think about where we are going. If you’ve made it this far I hope you enjoyed this post, if not, well that would suck since you just wasted all that time reading it ;-) 

Monday, January 21, 2013


It has been a few months since my last post. Not due to lack of things to talk about but rather lack of time. This past semester has been crazy busy. This break has been a little longer than years past but it was much needed, more than I had realized. It is crazy how much you can lose yourself in work over the course of a few months. I'm happy to say that over this break I've been able to rest and relax and really find myself again. 

Now to get the heart of this post...the real reason that got me writing today was the presidential inaugural day ceremonies. Today was truly historical for the LGBT community. As I have talked about with some friends already, I have been very reserved when really dreaming big. I never really imagined that I would see true equality for the LGBT community in my lifetime. I am well aware that this was just a speech and actions speak louder than words. But these words, the inclusion of my community finally gave me hope. Finally gave me a feeling as if I could dream a little about a happy "American Dream". These times are changing with the repeal of DADT and the up coming court case that will be taking on marriage equality on the governmental level as well as more and more people coming out as gay. With all of those victories they were celebrated but still with some reservation, they were no less glorious but today was different. Today's speech where President Obama referenced Stonewall (the start of the gay rights movement) as well as said "Our journey is not complete until our gay brothers and sisters are treated like anyone else under the law" This really just gave me the hope that I needed. The validation almost that this country still stands up against oppression and for equality for all. This message is often lost especially in years of elections when we have such nut cases out there. The same crazy people that have seemed to hijack the republican party turning it into a breeding ground of homophobic hatred. It is difficult sometimes not to take their hate filled messages to heart. And I worry so much about the effects on the younger and more vulnerable LGBT youth out there. I think they are often targeted the worst by these things. So when President Obama comes out swinging in support of the LGBT community its incredibly powerful. Again I know these are just words and actions speak louder...but I have faith again in this country. My expectations have been surpassed. Thinking back to before I was out, there were not nearly as many public figures gay/straight allies around to look up to. I never imagined a world with me being out and proud. I never thought I would see my president show support for the EQUAL RIGHTS MOVEMENT of our time. This is such a great time for our country.  

Monday, September 3, 2012

One day in September

As another school year begins I have been very busy the past few weeks. I came to school earlier to start my job which for the most part has been great. I have 5 classes two of which are online so this will be a little different but I'm hopeful all the glitches will get worked out over the next few weeks. I am so happy to be back at MU class wise I missed my professors here so it's great to finally be back with them. I'm also really looking forward to this year with French club and allies. It has been very bittersweet, I miss France but it’s been great getting to see everyone the past few weeks. There hasn't been a lot going on lately besides training, working and tons of school work so this post is nothing more than a stepping stone till a more (hopefully) important subject matter. With the elections coming up I'm sure I'll have to add some commentary to the topics being talked about. I've grown to really enjoy writing and getting all those thoughts out. At last here I am rambling and digressing so I shall keep this short for now. Since I already touched base with a little update on life, I'll try and write more this year. *Cheer for goals* :-p

Friday, June 15, 2012


After completing my finals (hell week= 9 tests in 4 days) in France I packed up my backs and said cya later to Caen and all the amazing people I met there. I am pretty sure it goes without saying that it was difficult to do that. As hard as that was it was really great to come back and see all my friends and family back home…and of course it was great seeing my puppies again. It’s amazing how much can change in 9 months; for me they flew by fast. Since I’ve been home it’s been a little interesting adjusting back to everything from the food/sights/driving/language etc. The time difference has also really messed with me. I don’t remember ever getting jet lag for this long in the past. But I’m finally starting to come out of it. My summer is going pretty well I have an interview on Monday and I’m taking two summer session classes. I’ve been reading a few books I brought back from France and listening to a French news station. I’ve just trying to keep up with my French so I’m prepared for the fall. Aside from that stuff I’m just relaxing and enjoying being home. I love Pennsylvania summers so it’s really the perfect time for me.
In other news the LGBT movement has really been taking off these past few months. Recently President Obama (following VP Biden’s lead) has come out in support of marriage equality. Soon after, the NAACP came out in support of marriage equality for the LGBT community. All of this support is huge for the LGBT movement. I have heard a lot of criticism about Obama just now supporting marriage equality just to help get re-elected. I don’t know…for me I’m not really concerned with his political motives. I’m just happy he is fully on board now. Another big development for the LGBT civil rights movement comes from the APA. This past week they finally acknowledged that LGBT people are just as good as heterosexuals at raising children. All of this support is really helping to change people’s ideas and opinions of LGBT people. I only hope we can continue with this progress.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012


Spring has finally seemed to come, all be it reluctantly, on the part of the weather here. These past few months have been interesting and fun to say the least. Leaving France in a month and a half is definitively going to be bittersweet. I've met some amazing people here and have had some great times. Studying abroad as a whole has been a great experience. I still have some issues with the academic program at the university here, and I regret not "shopping around" so to speak and investigating different study abroad options. I feel I probably could have found something better. But at the time it was the easiest & cheapest option available. My french has still improved so much since coming over. I'm really looking forward to getting back to Millersville and continuing my studies. I've got all my classes picked out for next semester and it's looking like it's going to be a great semester!! I get asked a lot "which do you like better France or America?" and honestly I don't know how to respond...I like certain things in France better than in the US and vice verse, so it's hard to say. I'm looking forward to going back home, but only because I know eventually I'll make my way back to France. I don't know that I would be content living here full time but coming back for work/studies/travel is a must. 

The nice weather makes me so excited for summer and everything I love about summer. The trips to jacobsburg, the dog park, the drive in. seeing all my friends from high school all back in town for a little while. I guess this summer will be more meaningful as we have a lot of lost time to catch up on. 

The following weeks should prove to be hectic. I'll be going to Monte-Carlo next week for a few days, thankfully these spring break plans still seem to be panning out, since the euro rail pass was a waste of money. After that there are just 10 classes before the 2ish weeks of finals. It's hard to believe this semester is just about over!! I'm not sure when my next post will be maybe once I'm back in the states, wide awake at strange hours trying to adjust to the times :-p 

We shall see :) 

Monday, March 5, 2012

An "American Dream" in the process....

So with the upcoming elections in the states I have been reading more and more about the different views that certain political hopefuls have been taking. One such issue being gay marriage. I guess it goes with out saying that I support gay marriage...not just because I'm gay but because I believe it is truly the right thing.

One of the most compelling arguments is simply the fact that marriage is a joining of two people in love. Who among us is so worthy/able to judge and condemn that? Why would anyone want to take away the opportunity to bring more love into a world that, lets be honest, isn't the kindest place sometimes. One of the politicians and presidential hopeful, Rick Santorum, has been one such ignorant hater so to speak. Growing up I always believed all the talk about America the great, Freedom and Liberty for all etc. etc...And don't get me wrong, America is still great and we have so much to be thankful for, but lets also be honest with ourselves we are not all equal. It's scary to think that in 2012 there is still a large population of Americans living as second class citizens. We are deemed not worthy of the same "American Dream" just for loving someone of the same sex. Really this is bullshit!

I truly believe this is the civil rights movement of our time, and right now it's just a matter of picking a side. The right side of history or the wrong side. Rick Santorum and those that have his mindset towards gays are undeniably on the wrong side of history. It is extremely dangerous and irresponsible for us to give someone like Mr. Santorum that much power and publicity. We have high rates of LGBT bullying and consequentially high rates of suicide among LGBT youth. How can someone like that even begin to reach out to help those in need?..The sad answer, those problems would most likely get swept under the rug. Those kids doing the bullying are not going to change or become tolerant if they see/hear public figures breaking down other peoples dignity. And obviously if the LGBT youth are hearing all of this hate talk how are they given a fair shot to a "normal" and pleasant childhood? 

I guess for some people its easier to judge/disapprove/condemn/dislike someone than to love them. I think the world needs more love, acceptance and tolerance. We can't really move forward without it.  

Monday, February 13, 2012

3 years later

As the new year begins a lot has been going on. After coming back to France we had a pretty long winter break....It was very nice just being able to relax and teach part time. I've really come to love teaching the kids are cool and most of the time they actually want to learn and speak English.

We just started the second semester last week and it seems like it will be pretty interesting and a bit challenging. I took the economic route which has never been my strong point so we shall see how that goes. So far it has been pretty good, my schedule is so much better then last semester.. I only have one early & long day of class on Thursdays, the rest of the week I start pretty late, and did I mention I get Fridays off!! This is a first in my academic career so I'm pretty happy about it. It worked out perfectly now I'm able to continue teaching on Fridays.

In other more important news this past week my dad was hospitalize for what the doctors believe to be pneumonia. He has been on a ventilator the past week. As you can imagine with all that happening at home France has sorta been the last place I've wanted to be, luckily between teaching and classes I was able to distract myself enough...Thankfully he has been improving and the doctors are very optimistic he will be off the ventilator later this week as well as conscious again. So please thoughts and prays to a speedy recovery.

On another pretty important note this past weekend has marked the 3 year anniversary of me coming out!! I can't believe it's been 3 years already. In a lot of ways things have changed so much for the better...It was just the start of me coming to terms and accepting myself. It's never and easy life lesson but it's very important, as I've said in past post I feel like I've made a lot of progress with regards to this...Of course we all have good days and bad days but c'est la vie!

Aside from all of that nothing else is really new...we finally got a little bit of snow here, so the snowball fight/sledding at the castle was pretty epic!! Now I'm getting pretty antsy for spring/summer to come!! :-p