Friday, June 15, 2012


After completing my finals (hell week= 9 tests in 4 days) in France I packed up my backs and said cya later to Caen and all the amazing people I met there. I am pretty sure it goes without saying that it was difficult to do that. As hard as that was it was really great to come back and see all my friends and family back home…and of course it was great seeing my puppies again. It’s amazing how much can change in 9 months; for me they flew by fast. Since I’ve been home it’s been a little interesting adjusting back to everything from the food/sights/driving/language etc. The time difference has also really messed with me. I don’t remember ever getting jet lag for this long in the past. But I’m finally starting to come out of it. My summer is going pretty well I have an interview on Monday and I’m taking two summer session classes. I’ve been reading a few books I brought back from France and listening to a French news station. I’ve just trying to keep up with my French so I’m prepared for the fall. Aside from that stuff I’m just relaxing and enjoying being home. I love Pennsylvania summers so it’s really the perfect time for me.
In other news the LGBT movement has really been taking off these past few months. Recently President Obama (following VP Biden’s lead) has come out in support of marriage equality. Soon after, the NAACP came out in support of marriage equality for the LGBT community. All of this support is huge for the LGBT movement. I have heard a lot of criticism about Obama just now supporting marriage equality just to help get re-elected. I don’t know…for me I’m not really concerned with his political motives. I’m just happy he is fully on board now. Another big development for the LGBT civil rights movement comes from the APA. This past week they finally acknowledged that LGBT people are just as good as heterosexuals at raising children. All of this support is really helping to change people’s ideas and opinions of LGBT people. I only hope we can continue with this progress.

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