Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Winter in Europe

Since my last post I've finish up this semester with both the university finals and the other finals for the french government. As you can imagine I needed a break after all these test. Since the last day of the semester I started out my travels with a great weekend in Paris saying goodbye, or see you later rather, to some great friends I've made since coming to France. After Paris I went to Munich Germany with a friend.

Germany gets it's own paragraph lol. I loved Munich so much...they had an amazing Christmas market which was perfect for getting me in the holiday spirit. They also had snow which was nice as I have been craving snow since then end of October when everyone back home got so much!! In addition to the wonderful winter atmosphere the food was amazing!! Maybe because it was more similar to what we eat in america compared to what I've been eating the past few months in France...Don't get me wrong I love the french food with all it's healthy aspects but sometimes its just nice to have a pretzel and beer. My German was certainly not as up to par as I would have liked lol. I went to check into our hotel and I started the sentence in German and halfway through with out realizing it I had switched to French. lol But the language difference really wasn't a problem as most everyone we encountered ended up speaking English...

Right now I'm in Belgium staying in Bruxelles. After a interesting start with mixed up train tickets and getting lost trying to find our hotel we are finally settle in and having a nice time exploring the city...I already miss the German food but OMG is this chocolate here amazing!! It's also nice being back in a French speaking country where I don't really have to worry about the language barrier like in Germany...

I must say I am looking forward to going back to Caen, since coming to Europe it's become my second home. I can't wait to start teaching. I met the teacher and two of the classes I will be working with and it seems like it will be such a great experience. I'm also looking forward to getting back to Caen so I can start running again and doing those 8 min ab work-outs again...I'm going to need them after this Belgium chocolate lol.

As far as the new year is concerned I'm very optimistic about many successful new beginnings. After reflecting on the past two-ish years I feel like I've grown so much and changed in so many ways...and yeah in the past few months I've had some set backs but I feel like over all this next year might finally be the year when my life will start to flourish with things I've been working towards.

Best wishes for everyone to have a safe and happy holiday + new year!! :)