Monday, February 13, 2012

3 years later

As the new year begins a lot has been going on. After coming back to France we had a pretty long winter break....It was very nice just being able to relax and teach part time. I've really come to love teaching the kids are cool and most of the time they actually want to learn and speak English.

We just started the second semester last week and it seems like it will be pretty interesting and a bit challenging. I took the economic route which has never been my strong point so we shall see how that goes. So far it has been pretty good, my schedule is so much better then last semester.. I only have one early & long day of class on Thursdays, the rest of the week I start pretty late, and did I mention I get Fridays off!! This is a first in my academic career so I'm pretty happy about it. It worked out perfectly now I'm able to continue teaching on Fridays.

In other more important news this past week my dad was hospitalize for what the doctors believe to be pneumonia. He has been on a ventilator the past week. As you can imagine with all that happening at home France has sorta been the last place I've wanted to be, luckily between teaching and classes I was able to distract myself enough...Thankfully he has been improving and the doctors are very optimistic he will be off the ventilator later this week as well as conscious again. So please thoughts and prays to a speedy recovery.

On another pretty important note this past weekend has marked the 3 year anniversary of me coming out!! I can't believe it's been 3 years already. In a lot of ways things have changed so much for the better...It was just the start of me coming to terms and accepting myself. It's never and easy life lesson but it's very important, as I've said in past post I feel like I've made a lot of progress with regards to this...Of course we all have good days and bad days but c'est la vie!

Aside from all of that nothing else is really new...we finally got a little bit of snow here, so the snowball fight/sledding at the castle was pretty epic!! Now I'm getting pretty antsy for spring/summer to come!! :-p