Monday, September 12, 2011


I finally got to Caen after an unexpected layover in Germany. Since getting here I have met some amazing new friends that come from all over the world. Caen is a beautiful city filled with lots of fun bars/pubs and clubs; as well as many breath taking churches and châteaux! The teachers and program leaders have been pretty helpful after the initial first night in which we had to kind of fend for ourselves. The people in Caen have been really helpful and friendly as well. It seems like almost everyone I’ve encountered so far as been very willing to help.

 I have been going to a local pub where I met some nice locals that so graciously offered to show us around town.  The first night at the pub me and some friends ended up leaving with a Caen native and her husband. They took us to this really cool club not too far from the university. Those of you reading might have a hard time believing this but I actually went clubbing and danced and had so much fun!!  I finally just opened up and let lose a little bit and had an amazing night… A few days later we went out again to the pub and we ended up back at the club and then other clubs including a karaoke bar which was equally fun.  I’m sure I’ll be exploring more of the city in the next few months!!

Another cool aspect about Caen is the living arrangements. I get my own room with a bathroom and balcony. We have a shared kitchen that me and some friends have been making dinners in most nights. I love the sense of freedom it gives us!  

Yesterday was September 11 and I had the unique opportunity (thanks to a recent friend I made J )  to attend a conference in Caen about this sad and memorable day.  The conference was very interesting to hear about what went on over here when that happened and the days after. The event had a board of higher up French media people on both the local and national level. It was interesting to hear that the day after sept. 11th the French government had teachers in the schools take time to let the kids express themselves in the forms of drawing and writing. They also talked about the differences in memory and post traumatic problems that occurred after September 11th .  This memorial conference helped me connect in spirit since I couldn’t actually be home to properly reflect the events and honor those that were lost.   

We had our first day of orientation classes today. I got placed into B1 and as of now it seems to be just right for me.  Certain parts were a bit difficult but it was nothing I can’t get through.  I look forward to continuing and improving my French.  Studying abroad thus far has been one of the best decisions I have ever made. The past few months have had me second guessing things but I’m happy to say that things are going so well!! I really feel like I’m growing so much and maturing so much in ways I never could have without this.  J

I miss everyone at home and I hope to be able to find time and make arrangements to Skype with everyone soon!! I’m still trying to find postcards that aren’t really expensive and find out how much they would cost to send but until then you can find my address on facebook if you’d like to write me (wink wink nudge nudge. I <3 hand written letters)