Monday, March 5, 2012

An "American Dream" in the process....

So with the upcoming elections in the states I have been reading more and more about the different views that certain political hopefuls have been taking. One such issue being gay marriage. I guess it goes with out saying that I support gay marriage...not just because I'm gay but because I believe it is truly the right thing.

One of the most compelling arguments is simply the fact that marriage is a joining of two people in love. Who among us is so worthy/able to judge and condemn that? Why would anyone want to take away the opportunity to bring more love into a world that, lets be honest, isn't the kindest place sometimes. One of the politicians and presidential hopeful, Rick Santorum, has been one such ignorant hater so to speak. Growing up I always believed all the talk about America the great, Freedom and Liberty for all etc. etc...And don't get me wrong, America is still great and we have so much to be thankful for, but lets also be honest with ourselves we are not all equal. It's scary to think that in 2012 there is still a large population of Americans living as second class citizens. We are deemed not worthy of the same "American Dream" just for loving someone of the same sex. Really this is bullshit!

I truly believe this is the civil rights movement of our time, and right now it's just a matter of picking a side. The right side of history or the wrong side. Rick Santorum and those that have his mindset towards gays are undeniably on the wrong side of history. It is extremely dangerous and irresponsible for us to give someone like Mr. Santorum that much power and publicity. We have high rates of LGBT bullying and consequentially high rates of suicide among LGBT youth. How can someone like that even begin to reach out to help those in need?..The sad answer, those problems would most likely get swept under the rug. Those kids doing the bullying are not going to change or become tolerant if they see/hear public figures breaking down other peoples dignity. And obviously if the LGBT youth are hearing all of this hate talk how are they given a fair shot to a "normal" and pleasant childhood? 

I guess for some people its easier to judge/disapprove/condemn/dislike someone than to love them. I think the world needs more love, acceptance and tolerance. We can't really move forward without it.