Sunday, June 12, 2011

Summertime and stuff

I am way over due to write a new post so here it is. A little update on life...I finished up a pretty successful semester at Millersville. This was the first semester that I really jumped into extracurricular activities. They kept me very busy and I learned a lot. I met some pretty amazing people this semester and I continued to build some close bonds with my friends there. So despite some bad times it was a nice school year. With that said I am very happy to be home. I really missed my friends from home and of course my puppies... Speaking of puppies we just got an addition to the family, a little pug named Otis. He is so cute. Bella and Luigi are still trying to get use to him. I started working at the doctor’s office again. It’s really been an amazing job. I have learned a lot and I’m pretty good at it from what I’ve been told. I love helping people…this I continue to realize. I also will be bird sitting in the next week for the two parrots that we’ve been taking care of for years. I love when they come to visit I can’t wait to see Otis’s reaction to Et (the older/bigger and more talkative parrot) I’m sure it will be funny lol Since work has been keeping me pretty busy I haven’t had a whole lot of time to myself…I would like to get to Jacobsburg more as well as the dog park…Speaking of dog park I have to be careful with Bella, she just about got over the fence the other day :-/ I’m sure she has springs in her legs. I’ve been able to hang out with most of my friends since I’ve been home however there are still a few whom I need to track down! :-p

            France is coming up fast. I’ve got a mix of feeling, everything from nervous, excited, to kind of disappointed about things I’ll miss here. I’m getting ready to start my visa and what a pain in the butt that has been with all the paperwork needed. I’m sure it will be worth it in the end though. I also have been studying my French more lately…Watching more French movies(if you have any suggestions let me know) and reading some of the 99 books I got from the book sale at the library lol. I have to take my placement test soon and I hope I do well. Also coming up in September is the Sugarland concert that I can’t wait to go to with Becca. Awe it’s gonna be such a good show and a perfect way to kick of the start of my 9 month adventure to France.

            I’ll try and write more often provided I have something to talk about…But until next time you guys know how to reach me J