Monday, January 21, 2013


It has been a few months since my last post. Not due to lack of things to talk about but rather lack of time. This past semester has been crazy busy. This break has been a little longer than years past but it was much needed, more than I had realized. It is crazy how much you can lose yourself in work over the course of a few months. I'm happy to say that over this break I've been able to rest and relax and really find myself again. 

Now to get the heart of this post...the real reason that got me writing today was the presidential inaugural day ceremonies. Today was truly historical for the LGBT community. As I have talked about with some friends already, I have been very reserved when really dreaming big. I never really imagined that I would see true equality for the LGBT community in my lifetime. I am well aware that this was just a speech and actions speak louder than words. But these words, the inclusion of my community finally gave me hope. Finally gave me a feeling as if I could dream a little about a happy "American Dream". These times are changing with the repeal of DADT and the up coming court case that will be taking on marriage equality on the governmental level as well as more and more people coming out as gay. With all of those victories they were celebrated but still with some reservation, they were no less glorious but today was different. Today's speech where President Obama referenced Stonewall (the start of the gay rights movement) as well as said "Our journey is not complete until our gay brothers and sisters are treated like anyone else under the law" This really just gave me the hope that I needed. The validation almost that this country still stands up against oppression and for equality for all. This message is often lost especially in years of elections when we have such nut cases out there. The same crazy people that have seemed to hijack the republican party turning it into a breeding ground of homophobic hatred. It is difficult sometimes not to take their hate filled messages to heart. And I worry so much about the effects on the younger and more vulnerable LGBT youth out there. I think they are often targeted the worst by these things. So when President Obama comes out swinging in support of the LGBT community its incredibly powerful. Again I know these are just words and actions speak louder...but I have faith again in this country. My expectations have been surpassed. Thinking back to before I was out, there were not nearly as many public figures gay/straight allies around to look up to. I never imagined a world with me being out and proud. I never thought I would see my president show support for the EQUAL RIGHTS MOVEMENT of our time. This is such a great time for our country.