Sunday, August 28, 2011

It's not Goodbye, it's Hello :-)

It has been awhile since my last post so I figured I would give a little update on things. I have continued to work a lot at the doctors office. I've learned so much there and it's given me the sense of purpose that I was craving. There are only a few more days left of summer for me and I would say looking back it has been very successful. I'm getting ready to study abroad in Caen, France for nine months. This as you can imagine is both exciting and nerve racking. The last few weeks I've been getting ready: buying my luggage, getting my phone unlocked/getting an international sim card, my visa, buying supplies, studying, and of course saying my goodbyes. I've been getting sad about what I'll be missing this coming year. Like everything in life it's all about perspective. I can easily think about all the amazing experiences awaiting me in France. I'll finally get the opportunity to continue learning French and perfect what I've been working on for years. I'm looking forward to meeting new people, trying new things, learning as much as possible.
Going back to the past few weeks, my family and friends have made this difficult transition (the goodbyes) so much easier on me. I've been fortunate enough to have not one but two going away parties! Both parties were so great. I see more and more each day how lucky I am to have certain people in my life. Ever one's support has made all the difference for me.

The next nine months are going to be pretty amazing. Friday night I'm going to see Sugarland. I honesty can't think of a better concert to bid farewell to the U.S. with. It's going to be the start of the next chapter of my life. One that I have a feeling will be most influential and life changing to date.

Well that's all for now, wish me luck and stay in touch with me!! :)

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